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  • introduction

    you had me at helvetica

    i'm shorter than when i started working in the creative industry. but i'm a whole lot wiser and braver. when you've done this as long as i have, you tend to pick up a few lessons along the way. some of the more memorable lessons are that in order to be truly creative, you need to be a conduit for information, and secondly, that only you can truly understand the end result of your creative output; no-one else will ever "get" everything that went into that idea, so love your work, yourself.


    creativity to me is both work and play. and in order for work to be fruitful, there needs to be an element of play. i like nothing more than a creative challenge, so let's play together...

  • experience

    i've worked in many creative disciplines, acquiring multiple skills along the way. my greatest skill though, is  problem solving. i love it. i love seeing a challenge and through creative reasoning finding the most elegant solution.


    i've worked as creative director for clearwater, red pepper, urban brew, and wunderbrand, headed up the research and development department for a mobile services provider, made promos, made logos, made tv, created art, designed sets, styled presenters, developed talent, delivered presentations, won awards, produced corporate videos, edited music videos, collaborated and delivered; but above all, i've had fun flexing my creative muscle.

  • education

    i graduated with a bada(hons) from the university of the witwatersrand  somewhere near the turn of the century. instead of only doing four majors, i did six including a new course which i actually taught at the same time. i introduced desktop editing to the television department, and won every prize there was to win at the end of my degree. and performed for the forgotten angle theatre company. and made video art. and performed at the grahamstown festival. and that was all a long time ago. but it does demonstrate that i'm able to think academically. oh, and i have a degree in psychology too.


    i've since also received a number of certifications, but plumbing isn't one of them.


calm under pressure


presentation skills


problem solving


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